Export Statistics
Cambodian Rice Quotes (Updated 20-27, Mar, 2017)

Wet Season
Wet Season

Fragrant Rice
(Sen Kra Ob)


Dry Season

Long Grain White Rice IR
5% 650 635 570 415
10% 640 630 565 410
25% .... .... .... 395
A1 Extra Super .... .... .... ....
A1 Super .... .... ....  

FOB Term US$/Ton Phnom Penh or Sihanouk Ville Port (Min Order 10 Containers) 

Cambodian Premium Red and Organic Rice Quotes ( Update Jan-June 2017 )

Organic (Phka Malis) 
Jasmine Rice
= 92%
Wet Season
Organic Brown Jasmine Rice
(Phka Malis)
Purity = 92%
Wet Season
Red Jasmine Rice
(Phka Malis)
Wet Season
5% 1,417 1,260 1,445
10% .... .... ....
25% .... .... .....
A1 Extra Super .... .... .....
A1 Super ..... .... .....

FOB Term US$/Ton Phnom Penh or Sihanouk Ville Port

World Rice Quotes Comparison (Update Mar 20, 2017)

Jasmine Rice  650 ... ... ...  ...  ... 
Fragrant Rice (SKO) 570 ... ... ...  ...   ...
 White Rice
100% B
 ...  ...  ...  ...  ...  ... 
 White Rice
 415 ...  ...  ...  ...  ...
 White Rice
 410 ... ...  ...  ... ...
 White Rice
... ...  ...  ... ... ...
 White Rice
 395 ...  ...  ...  ...   ... 
 Parboiled Rice ... ... ...  ... ... ...

FOB Term US$/Ton 

Cambodian Rice Exported by Months 2013 to 2017

1. Jan 25,726 21,536 35,921 44,033   48,820
2. Feb 24,089 27,037 37,676 51,912  60,731
3. Mar 45,413 35,757 75,867 66,275  
4. Apr 23,276 35,961 51,719 39,550  
5. May 28,350 27,971 41,842 32,558  
6. Jun 29,105 29,666 40,800 33,862  
7. Jul 31,411 26,060 28,492 24,087  
8. Aug 29,358 29,871 29,819 27,799   
9. Sep 29,395 35,511 26,969 41,429  
10. Oct 28,031 35,418 439,06 60,016  
11. Nov 37,855 31,137 48,748 58,168  
12. Dec 46,847 51,136 81,479 62,455   
378,856 387,061 538,396 542,144


Sources: Mekong Oryza - Cambodia Rice Federation CRF 

Top Countries Imported Cambodian Rice Monthly 2014-2017

Year 2014 70,077 55,938 48,980 48,120 32,024 18,515
Year 2015 116,639 75,257 58,410 54,914 58,410 18,557
Year 2016 127,460 78,329 28,690 38,877 64,035 17,673


Jan 18,383 8,230 2,219 529 4,760 2,432
Feb 28,004   7,085 2,960   529  4,376 3,954 
46,387 15,315 5,179 1,058 9,136 6,356

Sources: Mekong Oryza 

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